Business Standard

The business standard package is suitable for customers looking for a non-ecommerce (webshop) website. Your website will feature informational pages about the services you offer, contact forms & news and blog sections should you require.

You will have a 1on1 consultation with our design team to explain what ideas you have for the website and how you would like it to look. We will work on the development of the website with you from start to finish. The site will be responsive for desktop PC’s, Mobiles and tablets so you can maximise viewer retention.

We will train you on how to edit the website and change pictures etc once complete so it can stay up to date, or you can rely on us to keep the site maintained and fresh.

Finally, on this package we setup Google Analytics and SEO for you. In laymans terms this will help your site to be found easier on search engines and will give you a large break down of traffic to the website and which pages people are mainly clicking on so you will know what’s popular and what’s not.


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