Outlook Setup Guide:

Please check you have your email account details ready, these are typically:

Name: Set to a name you would like to be shown.
Email Address: Set to your email address.
Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server: mail.<yourdomain>
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.<yourdomain>
Username: <your email address>
Password: <your password>
Incoming Port: 993 SSL/TLS
Outgoing Port: 465 SSL/TLS

Open Outlook and proceed to add a new account – File -> Add Acount.

On the next welcome screen, enter you email address created in the Email Control Panel.

Select Advanced and tick Let me set up my account manually.


Select the account type: IMAP.

On the mail settings screen, enter your account details.

Press next, it will ask you to enter your password. Once done your account will now be setup.

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